Value Engineering

Reduce cost & improve quality

Value engineering is extremely important. It allows us to maintain a nimble approach to manufacturing, remain proactive by planning for each step, and ensure the end product meets each customer’s needs. It also is another way for Colwell to pass quality – and savings – on to our customers.

Production planning meetings are some of the most creative meetings at Colwell. Held both prior to estimating and prior to production, these meetings gather talented people from manufacturing, engineering, estimating, finance, scheduling, account coordination, and sales to freshly consider each job and determine how it could be run more efficiently & deliver faster, while maintaining our exceptional quality standards.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

-Alan Lakein

By incorporating “flexible factory” principles, nearly every piece of equipment in our facility can be moved and incorporated into new configurations to maximize efficiency. This allows production to:

  • Optimize raw materials

  • Reduce set up times

  • Increase run speed

Have you heard about our color matching approval rating? Thanks to quality engineering and skilled color matching specialists, Colwell has a first time approval rating of 98%. Efficient and effective, we are able to achieve accurate, non-metameric color reproduction on the first color matching attempt nearly every time!