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Great color-merchandising design starts with understanding the customer’s state of mind & motivation, and then building in specific cues and triggers to eliminate the barriers of buying decisions. Whether your target customers are reluctant painters, ultra-savvy do-it-yourselfers, designers, architects, builders, or painting contractors- Colwell will help you create color-merchandising solutions that are educational & inspiring so selecting color with confidence becomes the predictable end result.


With proprietary color-replication technology, Colwell produces some of the most beautiful color-merchandising tools in the world. Idea cards serve as a great way to spark creativity, while accurately representing tints & hues. Fan decks, ideal for retailers, specifiers, and/or commercial users, also serve as a beneficial selling tool- bringing the color to the consumer. However, our professional tools are perfect for both architects & designers. Whether its interior paint or an exterior coating, the perfect color matched display is only a call away.

Professional Tools


Whether you’re going for a slick shiny finish or a muted matte, Colwell can produce a replicated color matched sample. Color cards serve as cost effective selling tools to display all the possibilities your products hold. Show your flawless finish with flawless samples. Simplify your selling process by producing straightforward material. Sheen guides serve as great methods to compare intensities of mattes, glosses, and everything in between!

Automotive Finishes

Industrial & Marine

Showcase the longevity of your product through samples that do the same. Whether you want to produce color standards or give consumers a piece of your product to take home with them, Colwell can provide your company with high quality material to distinguish your high quality brand. By utilizing color matched content, you can accurately display physical properties as well as the glamorous glosses of each product.


Stain & Wood Finishing

Colwell’s Technical Finishing Services uses your products and specifications to hand-produce gorgeous sampling tools for your dealers. Flawless finish, reasonable cost, and on-time delivery help you make sure the people selling your products have everything they need to work with their customers. Chip cards can be easily mailed to customers and are a great way to show your entire color range at a glance. Fan decks are an excellent choice for retailers, specifiers and commercial users of stain.

Wood finishing

Powder Coatings

Colwell can help you elevate your brand by designing and producing a chip card or fan deck with styling power that will be the go-to tool for powder-coating pros and specifiers. Samples can be smooth (indicating color only), simulated texture, or actual product!

Powder coating

Faux/Specialty Finishes

Replicating specialty finishes is truly an art form. Colwell combines our coated-product additives, like texturing agents (metallic and pearl) with printing and silk-screening to create accurate representational samples that stand up to the needs of the retail environment for a fraction of the cost of actual product sampling. Color Cards are great resources for displaying these specialty finishes. Although, its always beneficial to keep test pots of product on hand!

Specialty Finishes