Success Stories

How we have helped

Proactive problem solving

One of Colwell’s long standing customers did not have access to demand forecasting. The customer would order annual quantities based on the previous year’s totals, but usage, obsolescence, and back-orders were never considered. This created frustration because the customer was frequently caught out of stock. The Colwell team was able to create a vendor managed inventory program based on three years of historical data. The new program showed not only what was needed moving forward monthly, but also triggered reorder thresholds to provide enough notice to react without building unnecessary inventory. We monitor the report weekly in case there are unpredictable spikes in usage and have been able to reduce out of stocks by 75%.

Customized cost saving suggestions

Knowledge of the process allows our skilled team to make customized cost saving suggestions. Recently Colwell had a customer inquire about an extensively large project. The Colwell team saw an opportunity to reduce cost for the customer, and after many brainstorming meetings, we were able propose a new yet similar way of manufacturing this large project. By thoroughly understanding the customers goals, values, and expectations, the team was able to recreate their initial idea in the most cost effective method possible. By going above and beyond and ensuring customer satisfaction, Colwell was able to reduce cost by ≈50%.

Technological improvements

Colwell continues to set industry standards high by continuously improving the consumer experience. A customer had a reoccurring issue with the receiving of product sent from Colwell. The customers employees were continuously getting cut while opening product boxes with box cutting knives. Although this issue could have likely been self solved with increased safety precautions, the Colwell team knew there had to be a way to improve their experience. We came up with an engineering solution– perforating the boxes the product was packed in. This innovative idea, removed the need for box cutting knives – essentially preventing any injury. Colwell was able to implement this solution without any price change- a win-win for both parties.