We didn’t invent color.
We’re just perfecting it…

And we also offer full
product display solutions!

Our Mission

A quest to be the best

At Colwell, we’re proud to be a preferred supplier to some of the most prestigious companies, big or small, in the world.

Because our reach covers much of the world – from mass merchants to specialty shops and hardware stores – you’ll find Colwell’s products nearly everywhere paint or color is considered.

Whether you are an architect, designer, specifier or an end user, you can count on Colwell to help in confident color selection. Learn more about Colwell’s history.

Paint tubes


Why it works

Our Systematic Approach

Plan the work & work the plan.
This phrase serves us (and ultimately, our customers) well.

“How can we do it better?”
Our commitment to advancement assists us in developing state-of-the art products.

Colwell maximizes productivity and avoids excessive waste by consistently evaluating and adjusting our systematic approach

How It’s Made

Curious how it’s made? The Discovery Channel captured the process from start to finish!