Technical Support

Efficient Execution

The core of our business (and the success of yours) rests on accurate, non-metameric color reproduction. This is what sets us apart from color produced by print (ink-based), or any other method. In our business fractions truly mean the difference between a precise color representation and a product that could disappoint consumers- costing thousands of dollars.

Interested in technical collaboration? Allow our skilled color matching lab to work with yours! You know what they say. ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’. Technical collaboration is just another one of the many ways in which Colwell ensures efficient execution as well as satisfaction.

Consistency and quality are nonnegotiable. We thoroughly test and retest all material and ingredients, checking things such as density, viscosity, pigmentation, and more. We do this so we can assure our customers they are getting the best of the best.

We don’t just match the color, we know the color. Behind every color there is a numeric formula. Using our tools and past formulas our color matching specialists are able to execute the color matching process in record time. Reporting and analyzing results are the key to this efficiency.

The Colwell team is constantly looking for ways to improve the color matching process. By using technology such as Color Matching Light Boxes, Gloss Meters, and Spectrophotometers we are able to provide individuals with color accuracy through all angles and lighting.