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Colwell has been warehousing and distributing goods for our customers for more than 25 years. We offer a full-service call center; 55,000 square feet of climate-controlled, random-access, on-site warehousing; and 15,000 square feet dedicated to daily fulfillment service. A robust IT infrastructure helps us manage fulfillment programs and create custom reporting that best serves each client. Fulfillment services are offered as a stand-alone option, but they are often integrated with Colwell’s comprehensive inventory management programs, dramatically reducing overall program costs and inventory levels.

Fulfillment programs include:

  • Direct-to-consumer sampling programs, typically supporting a Web-based ordering interface.
  • Direct-to-professional sampling and sample replenishment programs for architects and designers.
  • Direct-to-store sample replenishment.
  • Bulk shipments of goods to distribution centers.