A Blue Decade

There is something so timeless about the color blue. For the hectic year of 2020, according to Pantone, classic blue earned the title color of the year– claiming its a “universal favorite”.

Instilling calmness and stability, it is no wonder this bold color was a 2020 must have. Resembling a clear mid-day sky or waves making their way to shore, this earthy color reminds us of nature. True blue has a unique way of grounding individuals, by conveying the perfect mix of serenity and harsh reality.

Although, for others blue may project feelings of loneliness or despair. Picasso, for example truly captured the haunting essence blue holds. Displayed in many of his renowned pieces, such as The Tragedy or The Old Guitarist the blue overlay communicates grief and sadness.

As stated by Color Psychology‘s Hailey Braam, the color blue is also associated with competence and intellect, stating “blue can aid in concentration and mental clarity”.

With that being said, its safe to say that true blue can have a strong emotional effect or connection with anyone- but that’s purely the psychological power this color holds.

Blue is a true architectural classic, beautiful in both exteriors and interiors alike. Whether you’re looking for a pleasant pop of exterior color, or creating a calm & neutral nursery, blue is a beloved must-have!

In conclusion, blue is here to stay. According to CMG’s Color Forecasting expert Montaha Hidefi, we are in beginning of a blue dominant decade. This colors predominance is steadily increasing. Color connoisseurs can expect to see this key color well through 2022.

Drop a comment, and let us know the emotion the color blue conveys for you!