It all started in 1998 with Gordon MacKenzie’s “Orbiting the Giant Hairball.” The epiphany at the time was that to truly innovate, we needed to purposefully shed the traditions and the “knowns” of colour merchandising.


In what soon was dubbed “Creative Camps,” Colwell pulled together creative minds from across our organization, looking outside the industry for new inspiration to challenges new and old. Colwell Creative Camps quickly became catalysts for better consumer and marketing solutions, now often involving our customers in inspiring and thought-provoking sessions. While the format and objectives are ever changing, the constants are these: get campers out of their comfort zone; fanatically observe (gather clues from other industries and points of view) and ideate without constraint (sketch, doodle, turn things sideways and upside down). Seek true and meaningful innovation. Take nothing for granted. Reinvent the unreinventable.